About Foodin

Foodin is a full-service supplier of ingredients for the professional and industrial baking market. We mainly supply sugars, sprinkles, glazes and concentrated flavours. We take the time to understand your wishes and special needs. With an thorough knowledge of food trends and a modern production facility, we provide solutions particularly for your demands.

Compliant of course with EU-regulations and any other ingredients policy you may have. Manageable packed. But our main goal is to make it unique, for you!


Sprinkles & Sugars

We provide an extensive line of sprinkles mixes to make your product unique. Various types or product and shapes may be combined to create your own unique mix.


Cold gels to mirror your creations, available in various colours and flavours. Convenient, ready-to-use products which are freeze/thaw stable and have an excellent shine.


Ideal for flavouring an extensive range of products. Low moisture – high brix – baking stable up to 175°C. More than an 40 flavours available from fruit to traditional flavours.


Pick&Mix our ingredients for your creation. We have compiled a Pick&Mix box to support your creative process. Ask foodin for more information.

Food Safety

Gelatti BV / Foodin meets all requirements for the food safety standard FSSC 22000.

This accreditation offers our customers and suppliers the certainty that we work according to a sound and internationally recognized food safety and quality management system. The food safety standards are guaranteed through periodic audits. In addition, the standard indicates that we are constantly working to improve our processes and performance.




Gelatti BV / Foodin
Textielstraat 18
7575 CA Oldenzaal
The Netherlands

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